Have we as pro-life Catholics been wrong to invest the lion’s share of our time, talent and energy in the political battle against abortion?

This question is forced upon us by the dramatic change in our social, cultural and political landscape over the past ten years or so, which has pushed problems every bit as important as abortion to the fore, for example the problems posed by the widespread breakdown of marriage and the family, the regularization of same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage, the triumph of a legal positivism utterly divorced from the natural law, our social dependence on a pagan bureaucratic State, the growing antipathy to Christianity, and the rapid erosion of religious liberty.

What we have learned in recent years is that we are not, as we have long thought, on the verge of winning the battle for human life. Rather, we must recognize that our culture as a whole has slipped into such darkness and error that addressing the problem of the sanctity of human life politically has become effectively impossible.

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  1. The true heroes of the pro-life movement demonstrate, intervene and pray in front of abortuaries, often sacrificing their freedom and fortune. They, along with those who labor in pro-life health centers, have been making the difference all along. Any “difference” made in the political vineyard is illusory or inconsequential.

    I ceased making political contributions in the pro-life cause many years ago.

  2. The TRUE HEROES of the Pro-Life movement are abandoned spouses who must face off against adulterous spouses in both Civil Courts and then before Annulment Tribunals and who remain living witnesses to fidelity through their long suffering respect for their vows. This is not at all meant to belittle or lessen the great work done by those who pray and stand vigil nearby abortuaries. These are wonderful folks and heroes, as well. But the emphasis has been wrongly placed, for decades.

    The Catholic Church, where a large chunk of Pro-Lifers worship, should have, long ago, been working tirelessly to heal wounded marriages, not only work for better pre-marital teaching. This has been a very poor choice by lay leaders and the clergy.

    The birth of children should be addressed in the context, primarily of
    marriage. Without functional marriages the Pro-Life battle is lost.

    If the emphasis is not reoriented toward the restoration and strengthening of the nuclear family, the Pro-Life movement will fade away as society continues to crumble. The tail has been wagging the dog for too long.

    This will not happen until the Pope requires, even if he must do it with little or no support of his fellow bishops, that the Catholic Church reorient itself in this manner.

    This Catholic does not see that anywhere near happening. We need a new Pope or Benedict needs to wake up and start listening to faithful annulment respondents in preference to the S.O.S from the sad crop of bishops were are “blessed with” now.

    Catholics who blog need to reorient themselves, accordingly, as well.

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