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Catholic Social Teaching: It’s Time to End the Misrepresentations

I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of hearing that Catholic teaching regarding sex and marriage is one thing, in that old-fashioned trinket box over there, while Catholic teaching regarding stewardship and our duties to the poor is another thing, on that marble pedestal over here.

I’m sick of hearing that Catholic teaching regarding the Church and her authority is one thing, the embarrassing Latinate red-edged tome tucked away in that closet, while Catholic teaching regarding the laity is another, and pass that bread this way!

No, it is all of a piece.  What the Church says about divorce is inextricable from what she says about the poor.  What she says about the presence of Christ in the Eucharist is inextricable from what she says about the respects in which all men are created equal—and the many respects in which she insists upon a salutary inequality.

When we fail to see the integrity of the faith, not only do certain truths escape our notice; the rest, the truths we think we see, grow monstrous, like cancers, and work to destroy the flesh they once seemed to replace.

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New Series from California Catholic Daily: The ugly, decrepit and scandalous truth about abortion, abortionists, abortion proponents.

February 4, 1982: 16,433 dead bodies discovered in a repossessed land/sea storage container.

On February 4, when workers opened the doors to the steel box now parked in the container yard in Wilmington, they were overwhelmed with the stench of decaying human flesh. When they looked inside, they saw bodies strewn among open boxes and plastic buckets. One worker described the scene as a “war zone” and reported watching a headless body tumble forward.

The Martin Container employees called the Los Angeles County health department, who began transferring bodies to the county coroner’s office. At the coroner’s office, just west of the L.A. County/USC Medical Center, Dr. Eva Hauser, assisted by Dr. Joseph Wood, weighed, measured and performed autopsies on at least 43 of the larger baby bodies.

Some had been dead for more than two years. Some were at least 30 weeks old. All were severely mutilated through salt poisoning or dismemberment with surgical knives. The smell, the buzz of flies, and the sight of mangled infant bodies made the autopsy procedure difficult for the doctors. Many of the bodies still had labels which identified the abortionists.

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Coming in future weeks on California Catholic Daily:

Who Malvin Weisberg was

The role of the Martin Container company

How the 16,443 figure arrived at

What the coroner’s office did

The Inglewood Women’s Hospital

Gloria Allred attempts to prevent burial

Mothers’ and abortionists’ names on bodies

How Odd Fellows Cemetery chosen for burial

Future Chief Justice Roberts actions regarding Reagan letter

Clergy participation in burial service

Conrad cartoon in LA Times

4 pound 13 ounce baby Noah delivered with no heartbeat, yet survived.

Mom: “God heard my prayers.”


Pope Benedict promotes his new book by making controversial statements about Christmas

Nothing at all about condoms, this time, thank God!


Editor’s note: Has the pope declared his own “War on Christmas” merely to promote his latest book?  A complete lack of animals in the stable would logically require that the very pregnant Blessed Virgin Mary would have walked the 80 or so miles, from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  That’s roughly the equivalent of walking from Chicago to Milwaukee.

Survey says: “Why did you leave the Catholic Church”

Do you know someone who might want to share her thoughts with the church without being challenged? Here’s her chance. And she or he need not be from St. Andrew to have a say, Kelly said. She and Msgr. Michael Picard just want to know your thinking.

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Police officer who was shot 12 times … and survived. “…it pays to be an altar boy. It pays going to Mass.”

This Thanksgiving, Police Officer Brian Murphy has much to be thankful for. Recovering after being shot 12 times, he was the first responder to the scene of the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin on Aug. 5 in which six worshippers died.

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