The theological art and science of Catholic apologetics



  1. For anyone defending the Catholic Faith, I would suggest you see what you are up against—Are Catholics Christian/Berean Beacon.
    This is the writing of an ex Dominican Priest, and he knows Roman Catholicism! This is a good tool for earnest Apologetics. It prepares you for battle!

    • That fellow does nice work. To anyone but a thoroughly knowledgeable and faithful Catholic, many of his premises might even seem to make sense. Unless you take the entire 2000 years of Catholic scripture, tradition and magisterial scholarship into account, in which case each of every one of his arguments turns out to be false and of absolutely no merit. A former priest? Assuming that is indeed the case, one has to wonder as to the reasons for his apostasy, and his ultimate motivation. Thanks for commenting!


      • Doug,
        Check out YouTube: A Priest On Location Berean Beacon

        Let me know, what you think!


      • I watched the video. If it’s possible for anyone to interpret scripture and tradition in a fashion totally contrary to the truth, this man has accomplished it. I have no doubt he is serious about what he believes. He’s just plain wrong on just about every point. And when he’s not wrong, he’s misinformed or suffers from a completely warped impression. I suspect he was badly treated and psychologically damaged by someone or something while he worked (or imagined himself to be working) in the church and is simply overreacting. He’s obviously “damaged goods”. Nobody who understands Catholic theology and truth would take this fellow seriously. But John Calvin would likely be very proud of him.

        The authority of the church extends only as far as one’s own conscience … and that conscience is properly enlightened by the fullness of all God’s revealed truth. For whatever reason, this man has developed a very warped view of that truth, and his personal problems are clearly revealed in his erroneous preaching.


  2. Doug
    Thanks for your timely reply!

    This Is Calvinism!

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