Michael J. Matt writes about “Reclaiming the Catholic Feast of Christmas”. Hint: It’s all about the Christ Child!


Over the years many Catholic families have adopted the old Christ Child tradition, believing it to be a beautiful means of restoring the true meaning of Christmas while strengthening Catholic identity in children. And it can be gradually implemented, of course.

Santa Claus (St. Nicholas), for example, can still be invited to visit the Catholic home on Christmas morning but in a dramatically reduced capacity, perhaps leaving a few stocking stuffers above the mantle and moving on.

As it was in Catholic homes throughout Christendom, Christmas must become all about the Christ Child once again. And a truly merry Christmas remains forever predicated on careful observance of Advent. No Christmas trees, no lights, no good things to eat until December 25, when the time of waiting comes to an end and all of Christendom rejoices at an event so magnificent even a two-year-old gets it. Christ is to be born—and the world, the flesh and the Devil will never change that reality, no matter how hard they try. 

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  1. I have never heard of Christmas celebrated so Pure as this!
    Commercial Christmas is a materialistic frenzy! Sure we go the Midnight mass, but we do not honor Christ Birth the way people did in the past! Even, I used to buy a cardboard Advent Calendar, for my kids…to open for candy surprises! My biggest regret was not putting the focus on the birth of Christ, instead of Santa Clause!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful article! Just what I had in mind these past days.

    It pains my heart to see that the season to celebrate the birth of Christ has been greatly commercialized and secularized that the real meaning of the season has been lost.

    All I see are glitter, tinsel, lights, greenery, cards, festivities, carols, bells, Santas, trees and presents. Where has Christ gone? Where is the holiness of this season?

    I hope to still see the time when Christians will truly celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated–simple, sanctified and Christ-centered.

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