Kathleen Sebelius is the most corrupt and arrogant HHS secretary in history.


In reality, of course, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats who infest Congress and the Obama administration constitute the most corrupt gang of grifters ever to have descended on Washington and the hapless American electorate.

The only real question is: Who is the worst?

Many would bestow this dubious honor on Pelosi herself. Others would favor her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid. More than a few would, of course, nominate Eric Holder. And still others would push the suit of President Obama for the “most corrupt” award. All are tough contenders, without a doubt, and each has certainly earned at least a dishonorable mention. Nonetheless, for my money, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius wins the prize.



  1. It is hard to believe both women Kathleen Sebelius sand Nancy Pelosi are Roman Catholic women! How can they take the Eucharist?
    How can any Priest offer it to them?
    Their “Extreme Pro-Choice” position, should be cause for both of them to be excommunicated!
    What gives with our Bishops?
    Has the Church become too Political and Diplomatic?

  2. Very old news for most followers of this blog(?). Nonetheless, worth repeating, for any who might have missed the early evidence.

    The only Sibelius to whom I listen wrote symphonies.

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