Shooter Adam Lanza, his mother and eight of the child victims attended St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.

NEWTOWN, CT. — Events at the St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown have been canceled for the rest of the day after someone called and threatened to kill people, a spokesman for the local diocese said this afternoon, though law enforcement officials said they are no longer worried about the threat.

Hundreds of parishioners attending Mass were evacuated from the building around 12:30 p.m. as state police in tactical gear arrived and surrounded the church’s educational center.

Six men in camouflage uniforms were seen exiting the church. Firefighters and paramedics also responded, but a state police official said he had “no idea” what was going on.

A woman who was evacuated during the service repeated, “I don’t understand. I don’t understand.”



  1. How ironic–yet how typical–of the age in which we live!

    That said, never forget what a target-rich environment churches present. This is true not only of when conventional services are conducted, but also of when social-related activities are scheduled. There are relevant examples of mass shootings in this context. Some were thwarted, others not.

    We must all ask ourselves: Under what circumstances do we accept (indeed, invite?) the prospects of martyrdom, and under what others do we take preparatory measures to physically defend ourselves?

  2. 10 funerals from one Church…unbelievable!
    So when are people going associate the killer being Catholic?
    The Protestants already think ALL the major Killers on Earth were Catholic!
    I have not heard anything about the Killer’s attendance at Mass, or if the victims families ever saw him at St. Rose’s?
    I have a feeling he did not go, have you heard anything to the contrary?
    What was the Evacuation today, I heard something on the News

    • The linked article contains the available pertinent details, so far.


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