Gun ban dilemma: When seconds count … the police are only minutes away.

The Church has always held that it is legitimate to defend one’s life and/or property against an unjust aggressor, and it is equally legitimate to defend someone else’s life and/or property on the same grounds, even if that defense were to result in the loss of the aggressor’s life.Contrary to the assertions of the anti-gun folks, “gun-free zone” legislation is actually counterproductive, and potentially lethal to those it is designed to protect.

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Editor’s note: The primary job of the police department is to enforce the laws made by the government. Protection of the people is merely incidental. Don’t believe that? Google the Rodney King riots. Alternatively, do some research on the history of police activity in every modern dictatorial/totalitarian regime, from Russia to Nazi Germany, to Iraq.


  1. “Carrying a gun is not comfortable, nor is it fun,” writes the author of the essay linked above. A simply and utterly accurate statement, as I can attest from experience. I hope that all who go about their daily lives and business legally and justly armed share at least some degree of discomfort and sober awareness at being so equipped. I doubt anything bad could come from such a mindset.

  2. You are so right about the Police protection, being “incidental!”
    People in general think the Police are Protecting them, but their chief purpose is to enforce government laws!
    A Socialist/Marxist Obama Administration would be more than happy to ban personal gun ownership. This would be an Ideal way to control the mass population. Gun sales will keep on skyrocketing, with fear that there is going to be a future ” Ban” on our only Self Defense mechanism!

    My husband took our, over age 18 girls out for Target Practice New Years Eve, he asked if they wanted to go Shopping or Shooting?
    They are opposed to guns, but went anyway, against Progressive thinking…they had an interesting day. Who knows when it will be banned?
    Who knows when are Personal Protection will be banned?

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