San Jose bishop comes out for gun control, advocates changing the Bill of Rights.

When the framers of the Constitution included the “right to bear arms” among the freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the United States, this nation was rural.  It was truly a different time.  Twenty-First Century American society does not resemble 1789. Perhaps it is time to consider curtailing this right.  Individual freedom should be subject to the common good.  If this were not the case, there would be no speed limits on our roads and highways, no crosswalks.

It is time to admit that the free availability of guns and ammunition poses a threat to the welfare of our people and that a “culture of violence” has eclipsed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as enduring values of this nation.

I join my fellow bishops in calling on film producers and video game creators to recognize the extent of violence in movies, television programs and video games, which have desensitized all of us.   We must also address the pervasive role of addiction and mental illness in crime.

It is time to change, to increase regulation, even to ban the possession of certain weapons.  I echo the words of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, that it is necessary “to impose a strict control on the sale of handguns and small arms.  Limiting the purchase of such arms would certainly not infringe on the rights of anyone” (The International Arms Trade, 2006).


Editor’s note: To prove his point, the good bishop need only enumerate all the wonderful improvements made to the Catholic Church since the liberal innovations of Vatican II were implemented. And for the record … limiting the purchase of such arms would most certainly infringe on MY rights, under the Constitution of the United States of America. (Doug Lawrence, January 2, 2013)


  1. “When the framers of the Constitution included the ‘right to bear arms’ among the freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of the United States, this nation was rural.”

    And–I might add–this nation had no mass shootings in schools, movie houses et al., no “shooting-gallery” urban neighborhoods, no 3,500/day fatalities from abortion, etc. etc.

    Sounds to me like things were much safer during the founding days of the USA. And yet (because?) firearms were a taken-for-granted fact of daily life.

  2. To begin with nobody should entrude on ” Our Rights, as a Nation”, this United States of America, has given us the right to bear guns!
    Yes, the world has changed, and we don’t have to hunt for our food, but we still have Liberty! We live in a violent culture where there is Desensitation to violence and more people are on anti-anxiety drugs than ever! Stimulus like violence in movies and TV, and video games is mind boggling coupled with diminution of the Family!
    We NEED GUNS for Self Protection!

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