Maybe the Vatican newspaper was right when it said that militant homosexuality was as big a threat to society as communism.

This past summer I wrote about a very serious problem in the Catholic Church that is still far from having been resolved.

That is, there are still very many actively homosexual and homosexual friendly clergy (from the lowest ranks to cardinals), religious and staff in numerous Church related offices and organizations in the developed World and in other nations such as Columbia. These people of the 50s and 60s revolution in the Church, some heavily influenced by Marxist thought, have played and are still playing a large role in most of the dreadful corruptions and dissent that have been plaguing the Church these past 50 or more years.

This was brought to mind again by Tuesday’s report on the Archbishop of Westminster’s long overdue decision to rescind permission for the notorious pro-homosexual Soho masses.

Whether this ends the scandal of this group continuing to use the Catholic Church and its sacraments to gain credibility for their anti-Christian morality and social engineering agenda remains to be seen. However, it does publicize what is a common, still on-going scandal in far too many Catholic dioceses in especially the developed world and which has gradually been exported to developing nations.

The scandal is that many bishops have been refusing to use their authority to take action against these decades’ long, in-your-face challenges to Catholic moral principles, despite constant appeals and complaints, with much solid evidence given by faithful Catholics. The groups have seemed to be untouchable, despite their blatant dissent, although there has been some progress.


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  1. Doug
    I am one those Catholics, that have been very bothered by corruption that has turned the Church iupside down! My husband and others, don’t speak out about the great diminution of the Roman Catholic Church! Before the Sex Scandel came out, I found out an Openly Gay college friend of my brother became a Priest….this sickened me! Have you looked at the Bishops Data Base of Sex Offenders? Pictures and charges from all over the Country….even Nuns! This is SO Antichristian and such an abomination to God….quite scary, in a Satanic way!
    Worldwide, Europe has been plagued with Homosexuality in clergy scandals, that have governmental links.
    There is a book by Donald Couzins, St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, where he wrote the Priesthood is “becoming a gay profession!” When I saw that, I was stunned!
    I guess I could ignore this, but it is very hard!
    Marxism, spread the wealth, socialism gone wild…..ESP. In S.America….In the Bible, it says “You have to Work!” Sure, there are MANY who need help and cannot work, and they should be helped by their fellow human, but ….. Woe to those that CAN work and collect aid from others!

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