“Because Obama supports abortion and infanticide, he will violate his oath of office the moment he puts his hand on the Bible.”

January 10, 13 (LifeSiteNews.com) – President Obama will be inaugurated for his second term in Washington D.C. on January 21, and two groups of pro-life activists have vowed to be there to “expose” the president’s extreme record on abortion.

Operation Rescue and Created Equal are co-sponsoring a protest that will see pro-life activists holding graphic abortion signs at two locations in the city. At the same time trucks plastered with pro-life billboards will drive through the streets of the city.

The billboards show a photo of an unborn baby aborted at 15 weeks accompanied by Bible verses reading either, “Rescue those being led away to death,” or “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

From 10:00am – 12:30PM, the protesters will be located at Union Station at the intersection of Delaware Ave NE and Columbus Circle NE. Then, from 1:30PM – 4:00PM, they will be at the US Navy Memorial Plaza, at 701 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.



  1. Since the protestors have preannounced their timing and locations, may their guardian angels protect them from the jack-booted government thugs who just might be waiting for them. I put nothing past the emperor’s praetorian guards. After all, they can almost totally control where and when the cameras roll, as well as whose cameras roll. Any atrocities they inflict will likely go unrecorded.

    As for BHO violating his oath of office, that started many years ago at his first swearing-in as an elected official. Nothing new here.

  2. The Pro-Abortion President deserves all the ProLife protester’s! I say bring it on! He may take his Oath on a “Historical Bible, either Lincoln or MLKing” but God knows! If Obama believes there are Many Ways to Heaven with his Humanism-New age thinking….Good Luck Mr. President, you cannot ignore Paul’s teaching(cherry picking Bible verses). your Liberation Theology will take you straight to Hades!

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