Blogger’s highly detailed conversion story has the ring of truth to it.


Conversion Story Chapter I: Childhood

When I started this blog, I posted that I wanted to share the story of how I became a Christian.
It’s been some time now — several months — since I said I would tell the tale, and now the time has come to begin it.

My single mother developed a strong left-wing belief system when I was about seven. I had previously been exposed to a range of religions, mostly Hindu-based, in smatterings since early childhood, but I had been too young to understand that they were all different from one another.

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  1. This person got involved with Many False Religious Ideologies!
    The New Age Religion is capturing many souls today. Satan is looking for those to Decieve and turn away from Jesus, the Son of God. God warned against many False Christs and Doctrines of Demons!
    The BEST advise is to read the Bible and pay attention to Galatians 1:8-9. Always Note 1John 2:22 any group or Religion that denies Jesus is not the Christ is Antichrist! This may sound harsh, there is no other name other than Christ for Salvation!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I just altered the wording of the opening of my story for personal reasons and I wanted to request that you update this reblog if possible — it would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

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