To be fair, we must apply gun control principles to elected politicians and government appointees, without exception.


by Doug Lawrence

Let’s get real. The problem is not guns. The problem is widespread corruption and immorality, which pervades our present day society and especially, our government.

With that in mind, it’s time to require instant background checks on every politician, elected or appointed, without exception, covering every local, state and federal jurisdiction … especially the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the President/Vice President.

Elected or not, if the politician fails to pass an instant background check, he/she is out of there! All accrued pensions and benefits would be instantly forfeit, as well.

Constitutional issues could certainly be quickly resolved by the same people who are presently attempting to subvert and otherwise “gut” our country’s founding documents. But of course, that would be grounds for instant dismissal, under the PIBC (Politician Instant Background Check) provisions.

Those guys better watch out!


  1. How about getting right to the root of the problem aka “Democracy”? How about instant background checks on everyone who wishes to vote: which would include all the people Doug proposes for backgrounding and so many, many more? How many could clear that hurdle? Talk about a remnant!

    Then what? Recognize and follow the social kingship of our Lord. Despite all signs to the contrary, that institution has already lasted over 2,000 years, and is known to be everlasting.

  2. I would like to see the Background Check for our Government Servants. That’s the Problem…there would be very Few Persons that would/could run! The Depraved Lot should stay away….but look who’s VOTING (dumbed down, secular progressive Idiots!) Those are the Voter’s….WE DO NOT STAND A CHANCE!
    Look at what happened with the Conservative Hopeful Supreme Court Judge, John Roberts( disappointment!)

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