De facto schism: Year by year the dissenters have moved farther and farther from Catholic orthodoxy.


For fifty years in this country the dissenters and accomodationists have traveled along the corridors of the Church without much serious interference from the hierarchy, living in a kind of parallel church or church within a church, with its own rules and answerable only to itself, all the while funded with money donated (in many cases) by misled and victimized faithful Catholics. Which is to say that we have something that is very close to a de facto schism.

Year by year the dissenters’ theology has moved farther and farther from Catholic orthodoxy, and with few exceptions no one has been calling them out. Unlike their dissenting cousins on the other end of the theological spectrum, the Lefebvrists, who left the Church in formal schism, the liberal dissenters have been clever and officially stayed inside the Church… and in control of their institutions and positions of power. Of course, this could only happen because the hierarchy has allowed it to happen, and in some instances even promoted it by placing dissenters and accomodationists in positions of influence in chancery offices and Catholic schools, and in the departments of the United States Catholic Conference itself.

In some cases entire institutions are in open defiance of Church teaching.

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  1. “the Lefebvrists, who left the Church in formal schism”

    I question this characterization of the Lefebvrists, aka SSPX. They most certainly did not “leave the Church.” And what, exactly, constitutes “formal” schism. De jure excommunication? If so, given the rescinding, by B16, of JP2’s excommunications of the SSPX bishops, would not the SSPX no longer be in “formal schism” (whatever that means)?

    Furthermore, I doubt that the ongoing (albeit unsuccessful) talks between the Vatican and SSPX–supposedly aimed at “regularization” of SSPX–would have even begun if SSPX had been in “formal schism.” Again, whatever that means.

    SSPX is not sede vacantist. Which would even further suggest that they are not in any kind of schism, formal or otherwise. They are in serious disagreement with the Vatican. So what else is new?

  2. De facto schism is everywhere! This was a very informative article. Too bad, many Catholic’s are not even aware of the dissenters amongst them!
    I blame the Church for this because of ecumenism…to grow the members, instead of maintaing the One True Holy Catholic Church!

    • “I blame the Church for this”

      Careful, Cathy. The Church–founded by Jesus and led, from eternity, by the Holy Spirit–is not to blame. However, Her fallible, corruptible human agents are undeniably culpable for the errors committed in Her name. This is a distinction with a profound difference.

      • Mark,
        I have to be more specific, and Not blame the Church! She has been infiltrated by some unsavory, unholy types with great power!
        I apologize, if I hurt anyone!

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