The Pope condemns abortion, in no uncertain terms.


“Noticing that frequently by various Apostolic Constitutions the audacity and daring of most profligate men, who know no restraint, of sinning with license against the commandment “do not kill” was repressed; We who are placed by the Lord in the supreme throne of justice, being counseled by a most just reason, are in part renewing old laws and in part extending them in order to restrain with just punishment the monstrous and atrocious brutality of those who have no fear to kill most cruelly fetuses still hiding in the maternal viscera. Who will not detest such an abhorrent and evil act, by which are lost not only the bodies but also the souls?”

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  1. The Pope is correct…Thou Shall NOT KILL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t think abortion was nearly as common in the 16th Century as it was in the late 20th Century. That was probably the time of the highest abortion rate, worldwide, in all history. Factor in China and the USSR and it was astronomical. I think it’s finally slowing down now.

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