Most Americans are not militant secularists. Instead, they set themselves up as their own spiritual authorities freed from creed, canon, catechism, or confession.

In other words, they are heretics — generally warmed-over Transcendentalists.

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  1. I believe the phrase “dictatorship of relativism” was some years ago coined by the present Holy Father. It is a rare tree of truth, planted in a vast relativistic forest of his own sowing.

  2. All I can say is ” New Age!”…Oprah Winfrey style, where God is in everything(Pantheism)In fact you are Christ! We are looking at a “Cosmic Christ!”. See John 3:36
    Bible publisher’s are getting rid of the Son, because Allah did NOT have children,thus not insulting Islam! See 1John 2:22
    I personally feel God is coming with his wrath and judging mankind—sooner rather than later! Of course we do not know the day or hour, only the Father knows!

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