The beauty of human life


To see a baby’s development between weeks 1-25 (the time range of legal abortion in the US) click on the links below:

To hear the voices of women who have survived abortion and women who have had abortions, click on the link below:

Want to do something about this?  

Don’t forget to attend the March for Life this Friday!

March for life homepage:

Related activities:

And to continue following this cause!

National Right to Life:

Life News:

Thanks to Maria Kaufmann, Turtle Bay and Beyond


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  1. Not that I needed any convincing…

    However, I have so thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the unfolding photo (sonogram) album of my first grandchild: due for full entry into this world March 20.

    Neither my daughter, nor my son-in-law, nor my wife nor I wishes to know the sex of the child-to-be-born.

    How delightfully retro! How gratifying, to us, that the “down-generation” parents need no scientific “preview” of God’s will!!

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