50,000 Pro-Lifers March Against Abortion in San Francisco

The ninth annual Walk for Life West Coast rally at Civic Center Plaza filled the plaza with 50,000 pro-life people publicly showing their opposition to abortion as they walked the two miles from City Hall to the Ferry Building.

The peaceful pro-life walkers traveled through the heart of the city’s shopping and financial districts. More than to 50,000 participated, organizers estimated.


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  1. Re this march, the DC march et alii simuli:

    I recognize and applaud the participants who selflessly and devotedly witness at these events, usually at some degree of personal expense and inconvenience. Nor do I intend to belittle the annual witness that they render.

    It is their perennial fate to be ignored by the world and the worldly: which is worse, in many ways, than being ridiculed and defamed. But which subracts not a whit from the merit of their witness.

    All that said, the true heroes and living saints of the movement are those who often or routinely put their material worth, their liberty and–sometimes–their very lives at risk in front of abortuaries: praying, witnessing, demonstrating and intervening as the Spirit moves them and gives them fortitude to do so.

    Their efforts are worth so much more, IMO, than all the annual Roe-v-Wade-memorial marches, wherever they occur.

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