The Surprising “Key” to Church Reform: Publicly Embarrass the Bishop In Charge.

Ten days after an initial release from 30,000 pages of clergy sex-abuse files in the archdiocese of Los Angeles sparked widespread scorn and calls for the prosecution of now-retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and his then-vicar for clergy, now Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry, in a letter to the 5 million-member church released tonight, Archbishop José Gomez announced that the embattled auxiliary would be relieved of his pastoral oversight of two of the LA church’s three counties, while the iconic Mahony – the longest-reigning American cardinal named after Vatican II, whose quarter-century tenure saw his hometown church become the largest diocese in the nation’s history – will, according to his successor, “no longer have any administrative or public duties.”

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  1. Exposure does not guarantee that embarrassment will result from it. Indeed, there are multiple examples in modern times where exposure of shameful deeds and activities merely liberated and emboldened their perpetrators to even greater depths of depravity.

    In Charity (and with a hard swallow toward the end of this litany), we must pray for the salvation of the victims of abuse by Catholic clergy, of their abusers and–finally–of those who covered up for the abusers.

    Perhaps the last in that list are in the greatest peril of their souls.

  2. Wow, the past resurfacing on the Abuse! I feel quite sick about the major Hierarchal players involved! The Judgement of Christ will come, and the actions of Worldly Lust will be punished byChrist with a “rod of iron” and there will be “gnashing of teeth!”

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