Vatican/Society of Saint Pius X controversy rages on. See the reader comments.



  1. I have long said that the “reasoning” of the 2007 Motu Proprio that refers to the 1962 Tridentine Rite as the “extraordinary” form of the mass and to the Novus Ordo as the “ordinary form” is specious, and intended to further validate/vindicate the Novus Ordo. The latter, while valid, is inferior to the “mass for all ages” in just about every way except the one way that counts. The Church would be well advised to abandon it forever as a bitter and very destructive lesson: self-inflicted and learned the hard way. IMO, anyway.

    The fast-tracking of the causes for canonization of John XXIII and JPII is intended to “bookend” the conciliar era with two saints, thus serving to validate and vindicate the council itself or, in the words of another commentor, “canonize the council.”

    When I have expressed the latter opinion, some have said to me “Then why no cause for Paul VI?”

    My reply was “Not even the modernist Vatican would touch the third rail of that pope’s overtly flawed, controversial and disastrous papacy by opening a case for canonizing Paul VI.”

    I may have spoken too soon, for there have been credible rumors of that very thing happening during the current “Year of Faith.” I am holding my breath in dread waiting for that bitter pill to be prescribed to the faithful. I don’t think I could take it, even with a hard swallow chased by a gallon of Holy Water.

    Speaking of the “Year of Faith,” I have also opined that its launch at the 50th anniversary of the opening of V-II is no coincidence at all. It is, in fact, yet another Vatican project whose unstated purpose it to make the Council inviolable and unassailable.

    Obviously, and despite all efforts to the contrary, the flaws and errors of the Council and the tide of oposition to them and to it will simply not go away. Indeed SSPX remains at the vanguard of the loyal opposition.

    May God bless the society and its steadfastness, and preserve it from error and schism.

  2. I echo your invocation of God’s blessings upon the FSSPX but why should He bless what is fast materially (as well as soon formally) becoming a neo-Modernist ecclesial community?
    The present ‘leadership’ of the FSSPX will cling to the name of Archbishop Lefebvre in order to gull the faithful into shelling out the money to keep it going, feed its clergy and provide fancy travel for the boys at the top. It has already jettisoned his teachings and suppressed his publications. Bishop Fellay and the rest of his crew are lickspittle liberals who suppress the truth to suit their Masters in the Vatican. In short, Bishop Fellay is a traitor to the Archbishop and to his divinely-inspired work. He and those around him deserve no blessings. They should retire to isolated monasteries and spent the rest of their lives in prayer and penance for their covert but very real apostasy. May God grant them Grace to save their wretched souls.As far as they are concerned, I will not fail to pray for that – but for that alone.

    • John, your post is long on venomous rhetoric and short on evidence. That said, I know that a blog offers limited opportunity for making a case to support one’s opinion.

      Anger can sometimes be justified. Far more often, it is unproductive, and inimical to physical and spiritual health.

      I recommend a little chilling for you.

      • You want a list to provide you with evidence of Bishop Fellay’s apostasy? Say the word and I will supply it in written, verifiable abundance. My prescription for you, Mark, is to request evidence if you need it and that before you offer patronising recommendations of ‘chilling’ to people you do not know and are ill-qualified to patronise..

  3. I think John just made an airtight case for my prescription to him. But then, I’m not a doctor…

    • When you return from the parallel universe where you may have been spending too much of your time and where Bishop Fellay and his crew have not been engaged in a systematic destruction not only of the FSSPX but also of too many of its members who remain faithful to the late Archbishop you may reconsider your flippant little remark, grow up and be man enough publicly to acknowledge how wrong you undoubtedly are. Meanwhile, my offer of a list of apostasising and protestantising acts by Bishop Fellay remains on the table (with proofs) if you have the moral fibre to publish it! You will not accept my offer because you will, above all, not wish to be made appear foolish, short-sighted and wrong in a public forum. Pax et Bonum, Brother

      • If you want the last word in this thread, John, merely reply to this post: which is my last here.

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