History and Timeline of LA Archdiocese Abuse 1931 – 2011


Link to official data


  1. Further proof that the Catholic Church in America was headed for big trouble well before the V-II era. The ill-begotten council, and its disastrous effects on the Church throughout the world (and especially here), did not spring forth fully-formed in 1962.

  2. The Sexual Molestation /Abuse seemed to be rampant during the 70’s! Somone should have SEEN and REPORTED what was happening in Our Seminaries…a generation of homosexual and pedophiles was emerging! Plenty of books have been written about the phenomenon, but what about ACTIONS? The good news….this horrendous behavior has tapered down most profoundly! Can you imagine the Shock and Awe at the Vatican in the 80’s and 90’s with the Law Suits and Bankruptsies?

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