Richard III should have a proper, genuinely Catholic funeral. Not a C of E affair.

A reader of Protect the Pope has made a very good point that should be taken up by the Bishop of Nottingham, Bishop Malcolm McMahon, King Richard III should be given a Catholic Requiem Mass in the Sarum Use, and not a Church of England funeral service. The remains of the sailors of the Mary Rose had a public requiem Mass in the Sarum Use, though this was choreographed by a CoE minister. King Richard III was a Catholic and he should receive a Catholic Requiem Mass presided at by a Catholic bishop.

Rifleman 819 writes:

[With the confirmation] through definitive DNA that the skeleton in the car park really is Richard 111 there is now talk of him being re-interred in the CoE Leicester Cathedral.

Richard Plantagenet died at Bosworth in 1485 in the Catholic Faith, a full 45 years before the English Reformation.

I hope that someone in the RC Hierarchy will forcefully point out that -whatever his alleged misdeeds-he should be given a solemn requiem Mass,of the Sarum Rite , maybe? in accordance with the state that England then was.

It would be the final humiliation to be buried again with the Catholicly-meaningless ceremonies of a church founded by the son of your sworn enemy Henry Tudor.

Soggy 21st century ecumenism would be wholly inappropriate.

Perhaps it would be the right thing to do to invite the ancient English Catholic recusant families to attend?-their ancestors having fought under various colours of Rose.’



  1. Richard’s death occurred soooo many years ago 1485,not being Soggy with Ecumenism, Let the Dead Be Dead! His Spirit is either in Heaven or Hell……at this point, WHY ruffle feathers?
    One World Religion will occur, someday….I do not see the Pentecostal Church leading the world….the two Religions that have the majority memberships are The Roman Catholic Church and Islam!

  2. There were few if any “alleged misdeeds”. The King must receive a Catholic rite, one that was in use during his lifetime. Pope Francis and the leaders of both the Angelican and Catholic Churchs in England should also preside. Nothing Less is demanded by the millions devoted to his memory worldwide.

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