The worst of both worlds: Weak Catholic prelates and corrupt Catholic politicians.

Publicly, the Kennedys patronized the Church, but privately they helped create a shadow church of religious laymen and clergy who helped them rationalize their own version of Catholicism.

The Catholic pro-abortion movement, for instance, was hatched at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. In the summer of 1964, Bobby and Ted Kennedy met at the Cape with some leading dissident priests – Robert Drinan, Richard McCormick, Joseph Fuchs, and Charles Curran – to figure out how Catholic politicians could pander to the growing abortion movement without upsetting their Catholic constituencies.

According to one witness, the theologians “concurred on certain basics. . .that a Catholic politician could in good conscience vote in favor of abortion.” The action plan developed that week in Hyannis Port, in sociologist Anne Hendershott’s judgment, contributed to effectively neutralizing the Catholic laity and “helped build the foundation for the [Democratic] party’s reincarnation as the party of abortion.”

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  1. Talk about an axis of evil! But, as with so many things, nothing new here. In fact, this has been a problem in the Church for centuries. It was not invented in the USA.

    In re “weak Catholic prelates”: At the risk of sounding sexist, may I point out that a nun is the official “spokesperson” for the USCCB?

  2. I don’t want to be offensive to my brother’s and sister’s BUT the Democrtic Party is the political machine for ABORTION! The deceased, Senator Kennedy, killed the Born(Mary Jo Kopehne) & Unborn!
    A Nun can be a powerful prelate….a Lefty Nun…nothing worse!

    • Yes, Cathy, a nun can be powerful, just like a man: for good or for evil. Church history is leavened by good and powerful women such as Saint Catherine of Siena.

      And bishops are quite capable of speaking for themselves, without the insulating layer of a PR flack. That is, if they have the integrity and fortitude to do so.

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