Obama is a Gift from God

How is Obama a gift from God? Look at it this way. We get what we deserve. The American people voted for Obama. They did so for a complex net of reasons, but when they are all summed up, we chose him. I’m in a hurry this morning, and it would take a very long post to analyze all those complex reasons, but the fact of the matter he is our president and everything is a gift from God.

What interests me is how, looking at history, the bad stuff that happens is also a gift from God because it is his judgement on the human race. This is the message of the Old Testament prophets and the message of the Old Testament to our society today. Read the Old Testament. Understand the prophets. Read the history. See what happened.

The people turn away from God. They turn to their own lust, their own greed, their own cruelty. The drift into complacency and despair and decadence and then they are swept away. Doomsday. Judgement, and all that is a gift of God just as much as the prosperity and peace and goodness and happiness that comes when a person or a nation obeys God and follows his rule book.



  1. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people humble themselves and pray….
    God is returning to deliver Judgement on his people! It is VERY CLEAR in the Gospel of Matthew 24 and the other gospels, he is returning again! Revelation/Apocalypse is NOT there to scare us but prepare us! The Prophets of the OT and the Apostles of the NT say our Lord is returning….just think about Sodom & Gommorah….what will HE think of his Creation?

    I might debate you on Obama, being a gift from God! Yes, the disobedient voted him in office, knowing his views were an abomination to God! There have been many Ceasars throughout history, but we get closer to Judgement and the 2nd Coming of Christ!

  2. Obama a “gift from God”? That’s a reach beyond sound theology, IMO. Obama as evidence of God’s judgment meted out on his disobedient people via the instrument of their own choice: well, that is a notion with sound theological and biblical foundation and precedent. And further evidence of God’s capacity for, and appreciation of, irony.

    • Dear Mark,

      I thought this post would get your attention.


      • You know me well. Keep up the good work!

  3. FREE WILL is the ONLY reason for why ANYONE would “Vote for Barrack Hussein Obama!”
    He may be a gift from Satan!

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