Weigel: The days of Recreational Catholicism—Catholicism as a traditional, leisure-time activity absorbing perhaps ninety minutes of one’s time on a weekend—is over.

The challenge can be defined simply: Throughout the Western world, the culture no longer carries the faith, because the culture has become increasingly hostile to the faith. Catholicism can no longer be absorbed by osmosis from the environment, for the environment has become toxic. So we can no longer sit back and assume that decent lives lived in conformity with the prevailing cultural norms will somehow convey the faith to our children and grandchildren and invite others to consider entering the Church.

No, in our new situation, Catholicism has to be proposed, and Catholicism has to be lived in radical fidelity to Christ and the Gospel.

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  1. Among other defects, Weigel is an über-apologist for the most modernist pope in recent history. I hold his pronouncements in low esteem. I don’t know if he would recognize the irony in this statement: “Catholicism has to be lived in radical fidelity to Christ and the Gospel” (emphasis added).

    After all, “radical” comes from the Latin “radix,” which means “root.” Which is incompatible with modernism.

  2. I concur wholeheartedly with Mark Higdon’s comment re Weigel.
    I reckon that I can answer that he would not, in reality, understand the statement concerning the need to live Catholicism in radical fidelity to Our Lord and His Gospel. No Modernist or fellow traveller can live the Gospel in that way and since Christ is the only way such people are not Catholic. No amount of ‘being nice’ or ‘chilling’ will turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse and no amount of cosmetics will change a Modernist into a Catholic – putting lipstick on a pig leaves Miss Piggy what she is.

  3. It sounds so Grand being Radical for Christ, but what is so radical in the Modern day Catholic?
    Simply put …You must abide in him and he must abide in you!
    There is not an hour I don’t think of Christ!

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