Vatican: A bad omen or merely ruffled feathers?


The Pope’s dove of peace; a ceremonial symbol used to mark the end of prayers, milestone events and to reflect the tranquility of the Christian faith.

All of these were thrown to the wind yesterday when a virtuous feathered friend was attacked by a sinister and (possibly) Satanic seagull.

Text and photos


  1. Quick! Somebody tell PETA about this ornithological atrocity!

    At least the pigeon didn’t wind up on the papal plate.

  2. I read about these type of omen’s happening before, with the Pope, like severe weather and lightning occuring during addresses!
    I have heard Italian’s are superstiticious of “birds” so this giant seagull, probably was Lucipher, himself!
    There is much to google….if you DARE:)

  3. Today Pope Benedict XVI announced his Retirement….I think the Big Attacking Gull WAS AN OMEN!!!

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