Saint Pope Benedict XVI?


by Doug Lawrence

Santo Subito! (Sainthood now!)

Pope Benedict’s resignation presents the Catholic Church with an opportunity that is almost without precedent. So why wait for death to declare the man a saint, when we can have a living saint … right here and right now … working to help resolve all the various problems of the modern world?

All of this can be done simultaneously, with the election of the new Pope.

First … let’s get the new Pope elected. Then … let’s get that new Pope to declare Benedict XVI a living saint … where Benedict might then function much as former President (Democratic Party Saint) William Jefferson Clinton did, during  Barack Obama’s recent campaign … but hopefully, at a somewhat higher level.

It can become a whole, new tradition … and the Catholic Church might never be the same, again.

Our Protestant brethren should have no problem with this, since they already consider every Christian to be a saint. Nor should our elder brothers in faith have any difficulties with it, since Benedict is already a proven and quite malleable friend.

To get the Muslims on board, we can publish a story in L’Osservatore Romano about Benedict’s mystical night journeys, riding a white horse, regularly traveling from St. Peter’s Basilica, up to heaven, and back. Any good Muslim will tell you that saints and prophets are known to do stuff like that!

Solidly traditional Catholics may also find this hard to swallow … and I admit that it does have a vaguely familiar “ring” to it … but I say … if you’re going to break the mold … then bust it all to hell! Look at how well it worked for the the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and the Catholic Church, after Vatican II. All the more reason to proceed with the greatest haste!

A living saint with all the resources of the universal Church at his disposal, complete with current Facebook and Twitter accounts, but with none of the onerous, day to day responsibilities. Even President Barack Obama and his false prophet, David Axelrod, can’t top that!


  1. Don’t get me started. I was struggling mightily already with the fast-tracking of the causes for sainthood for the papal “bookends” of the disaster aka “Vatican II.” Now that I know that the pathetic Paul VI is being similarly promoted during this so-called “Year of Faith,” I am actually beginning to lose my grip.

    “Sancto Subito” for a living ex-pope (or for anybody still living)? If it were to happen, I would surely let go–entirely–of what I would know then to be a false illusion.

    I know you’re being grimly facetious, Doug. But you really had me going there for a minute.

    • Dear Mark,

      I was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention.



  2. A LIVING SAINT! What a proposal….who knows it may happen!
    All he has to have is the “Signs and Wonders!” Wait, this has occurred……. The lightning bolt that came out of the sky, on resignation!
    Look at the JOY the newly elected Pope will have, having a Saintly Pope showing him the ropes!
    Maybe a Vatican III is on the way, and we could invite our Muslim Brothers into the fold? How can we get them to believe Christ is God? Mohamed got his Quran from God himself/His God Allah. Mo did not think much of Christ, BUT he did think he was a Prophet!
    I don’t know about you….but my God, the Father and Son are the SAME! Jesus is NOT just a Prophet, he is God!

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