Hindsight isn’t 20-20: Pope Benedict admits the disastrous consequences immediately following the second Vatican Council, but blames the media.


Father Ratzinger in street clothes at Vatican II

His Holiness admits the disastrous consequences immediately following the Council: “this Council created many calamities, so many problems, so much misery, in reality: seminaries closed, convents closed, the liturgy was trivialized”

Yet, the “this Council” referred to by the Holy Father is not the real Second Vatican Council, the one that actually functioned in Rome for three years and produced documents.  No, Benedict XVI claims an imposter Council, the “Council of the Journalists” is the one that caused all these disastrous consequences.

If only the real “Council of the Fathers” had been allowed to do its job undistorted by the media all would be well for the Church!  “The world interpreted the Council through the eyes of the media instead of seeing the true Council of the Fathers and their key vision of faith”. “The journalists’ interpretation of the Council was political.”

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Editor’s note: I’m no media fan, but it was the bishops … not the media … who instituted all the various “reforms” that subsequently “gutted” the Catholic Church … cheered on by radical theologians like Fr. Joseph Ratzinger.


  1. Let’s see…Ratzinger doesn’t hold his sexually abusive priests responsible for their conduct…he doesn’t hold his bishops responsible for covering up for the priests…he doesn’t hold himself responsible for covering up for the bishops…but he holds the MEDIA responsible for the so-called “mistakes” of Vatican II??? No wonder your church is in such a mess!

    • Just goes to show you … liberals are the same, the world over!


  2. My theory of the resignation: B-16 could no longer stand what must have been a titanic psychic strain from trying to have things both ways, i.e., doing the right thing occasionally (e.g. 2007 Motu Proprio et al. simili) while waging an endless rear-guard action defending V-II (e.g. canonizing its bookend popes, tinkering with the 1962 missal et al. simili).

    I really believe that maintaining this irreconcilable dualism–its stress made worse by his dotage–eventually broke him. Although his heart appeared to be with V-II throughout, he was clearly and severely conflicted.

    Henceforth, I hope that he makes good on his intention of disappearing from the world into a monastic-kind of living situation: there to pray for the Church and for his own salvation. The Holy Spirit will provide, going forward. He always does.

  3. Why would Anyone believe that Vattican II would work? It is surreal seeing Joseph Razzinger in a “suit and tie” and “cheering on” the Imposter Council that changed the Catholic Church 4/ever!
    Ecumenism was the goal, Modernization was the result!
    The Liberal Church is what the Media asked for and we were compliant! To their request. At What Cost?…Ask the Sedevacatrist sect?
    What will happen next? The Rottweiler is leaving & who will replace him?

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