E. J. Dionne is obviously drunk on heterodox feminist “kool aid”.

In giving up the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI was brave and bold. He did the unexpected for the good of the Catholic Church. And when it selects a new pope next month, the College of Cardinals should be equally brave and bold. It is time to elect a nun as the next pontiff.

Now, I know this hope of mine is the longest of long shots. I have great faith in the Holy Spirit to move papal conclaves, but I would concede that I may be running ahead of the Spirit on this one. Women, after all, are not yet able to become priests, and it is unlikely that traditionalists in the church will suddenly upend the all-male, celibate priesthood, let alone name a woman as the bishop of Rome.

Nonetheless, handing leadership to a woman — and in particular, to a nun — would vastly strengthen Catholicism, help the church solve some of its immediate problems and inspire many who have left the church to look at it with new eyes.


Editor’s note: E. J. Dionne couldn’t be more wrong on this one. Women’s religious orders make up some of the most heterodox groups of Catholics in the world today. Making someone like that pope wouldn’t improve matters, in the least. For abundant proof, all we need to do is look at the shenanigans going on with women and homosexuals in the Anglican/Episcopal Communions. But perhaps Mr. Dionne personally approves of such scandalous goings on? After all, he boasts of “running ahead of the Holy Spirit on this one”. Progressive? Hardly! More like old fashioned, blasphemy!


  1. Does any Catholic with an IQ over 25 ever take EJ Dionne seriously?

    • Doug, I did not mean to include you in the cohort that does take EJ seriously. Seriously.

    • Speaking of IQ’s….did you see, 3 year old Alice Amos of the UK had an IQ score of 163. She was the youngest to be invited into Mensa in history!

      • Ah, but does she take EJ Dionne seriously? That would be an acid test of my thesis, above.

      • HaHa HeHe HaHa GA called off an execution, today, because of low IQ maybe he subscribes to Dionne’s writings???

  2. I am in total Agreement with the Editors Note!
    The Progressives are Going to make Nuns Preist….but the Pope—not in this Century!

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