Spiritual weapons to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil, by the grace of God.

Jesus Knows

The word of God teaches us that our life on earth is warfare and the Lord reminds us that if we have decided to follow the Lord we must be prepared for combat. The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the Gifts of the Holy Spirit within our souls and transforms us into “Soldiers of Christ” the King. With the “Cristero” martyrs of Mexico our battle cry must be “Viva Cristo Rey!”—long live Christ the King.

An important note! The devil exists, has keen intelligence (in a perverted way), is exceedingly sly and crafty, and is constantly at work and persistent in his work— temptations. However, God, Mary, His angels and saints are far more powerful than the devil!

Two extremes must be avoided with respect to the devil. These were warnings given by the Servant of God Pope Paul VI. The first extreme to avoid is to deny that the devil exists. Indeed this is one of the tactics of the devil. On the other hand, we should never give the devil too much importance. Individuals, fearful alarmists, speak more of the power of the devil than of the Omnipotence of God Himself. Let us avoid the two extremes!

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  1. Well indeed, Satan is with us, the god of this world (of the Air)!
    The Pope was correct, for humans are becoming more secular every moment! They simply do not believe in the “Devil!”
    Christ has conquered death, hell, and the grave…for Believers!
    We have the promise of Eternal Life!
    Put on the Full Armor of God and “Fight the Good Fight” as a true Soldier for Christ!

  2. Good points: not strengthened at all by the citation of the tragically flawed and pathetic Pope Paul VI. May God have mercy on his soul.

    • Doug
      Did I read this correctly?…That former Pope Paul VI stated “to deny The Devil even exist.” If this is true, then he was under Satan’s power!……backing VatII……! Please get back to me, I need to know! Could be an Apostate Pope?

      • Cathy, to the best of my knowledge, Paul VI did not deny the existence of the Devil. He is credited with having said, in a 1972 sermon: “…through some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God”. If that attribution is accurate, it shows that he was not entirely clueless. But the quotation does not vindicate or ameliorate at all the massive wreckage inflicted on the Church by the Novus Ordo Missae , aka, the “Paul VI mass,” which was the ultimate work product of the disaster aka Vatican II.

        The script of the 1995 movie “The usual suspects” includes the following line (which is not an original thought) from the main character Verbal:

        “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


      • Thanks Mark!
        That movie quote, was the Truth. The smoke of Satan has penetrated every crevice of society today! Just look at the changes in Our Lifetimes….Government sanctioned abortion, and now same sex marriage and adoption! People are “out of control” and wicked. Darkness is taking over and many do not see this rapid destruction.
        All we can do is Pray for Christ to save his Children. I hope that I am not a minority, but I cannot get this sinking feeling out of my mind.

      • The article states that it would be a mistake to deny the existence of the devil, just as it would be a mistake to attribute too much power to him. Jesus had it right, of course, when he acknowledged Satan as the (then) Prince of This World, who had enslaved the whole world by sin, under pain of death. Of course, Jesus also emphasized the fact that Satan had absolutely no power over him … the only begotten Son of God … or over anyone else who is totally without sin (The Blessed Virgin Mary).


      • Doug
        Satan is still the Prince of Sin over this world! He has NO POWER over Christ (then, now, or the future.) Those who are “In Christ” have no fear of Satan, for he cannot take away the promise of Eternal Life! The world is full of Satan and hisEVIL, thus the god of this world and air! ….notice, the small “g”! When Christ became a propitiation on the cross, and redeemed us, he became our pathway to God, by remitting sins. There are many humans that ignore Christ and essentially worship Satan!

      • Dear Cathy,

        I beg to disagree. There is only one King of Kings and Lord of Lords … the New Adam … the one who crushed the head of the serpent and destroyed Satan’s evil dominion over all the earth … and that is Jesus Christ. Satan, the former Prince of This World, has been deposed. He retains his angelic nature, but none of the power and authority that he had illicitly but legally obtained when Adam’s fell from grace. Today, Satan operates by stealth, wandering the world in the shadows, preying on the weak and faithless … making disciples of the truly evil … and fostering the culture of death through cleverly crafted, but very powerful lies. He probably occupies a very nicely appointed “spider hole” in Washington, D.C.!

  3. Yeah, the Devil is in Washington, D.C.
    He is a “Roaring Lion” planning to Kill, Steal, and Destroy!
    I am glad you said Christ, stepped on the head of the serpent in Genesis 3:15. The Latin Vulgate says it was Mary(New Eve!)
    I am not prepared to argue about Satan…but his devilish works are present now with Lucifer being the lighter side and Satan the darker side! Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords…Amen

    • The apparent language discrepancy in Genesis stems from the respective complementary roles of Adam and Eve, Jesus and Mary. That was no mistake. It was just God’s way of confusing Satan, while prophetically defining an important part of God’s mysterious plan for our salvation. I’m betting that in the end, Satan will be finally and ultimately defeated by the power and grace of Jesus Christ … at the hands of a pure and humble Jewish girl … the Blessed Virgin Mary. What an embarrassment that will be for the Evil One!


      • Oh Yes, In Revelation Satan will be finally destroyed, according to the Apostle John. Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and all those not written in Thr Lamb’s Book Of Life!
        BTW, I was fortunate enough to actually visit the Island of Patmos, where John wrote the Book Of Revelation…quite amazing!
        We are told to believe the Prophecy of the Final book given from Jesus to John….& I Do!

  4. To Doug, @”…the power and authority that he had illicitly but legally obtained when Adam’s fell from grace.”

    Interesting turn of phrase and choice of words. Especially “legally.”

    Didn’t all this occur well before the Code of Hammurabi? Which I am not sure would have permitted the diabolic usurpation, in any case.

    • God’s system of justice has been in existence from the beginning. There’s no doubt that God permitted Satan to tempt Adam and Eve, leading to the fall of man, man’s estrangement from his Creator and Satan’s dominion of sin and death over all the earth. Much more on this here: https://douglawrence.wordpress.com/the-passion-e-book/


      • All duly noted and agreed with. (My tongue is not poking my cheek from within, at this writing.)

  5. Doug look at John 14:30 … Christ mentions “The Prince of the World”…he says to only abide in him! Satan is still dwelling amoung the unbelieving!

    • From Adam’s fall until Calvary, Satan was the undisputed Prince of This World, having dominion over all the earth, and having successfully enslaved all of mankind (except for the sinless Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary) under pain of death. By his saving death on the cross, Jesus destroyed Satan’s evil dominion and redeemed mankind from sin, as well as eternal death and hell. No longer in charge of things, Satan remains a powerful fallen angel, and he is still permitted to wander the earth, seeking the ruin of souls. But fortunately for us, Jesus Christ is now King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the new “Adam”, who providentially leads mankind to salvation by means of grace and truth. Today, anyone who abides in Jesus Christ has nothing to fear from the Evil One. That was not the case in Old Testament times, since Messiah had not yet come. More on this here: https://douglawrence.wordpress.com/the-passion-e-book/


      • You said it…Satan is a fallen angel and because of the Proptiation of the Lord…he NoLonger has Dominion over “the Children of God!” Satan still has got his angelic spirit, and roams the earth, in his stealth, maniacal fashion to destroy the Lost. His main job is deceit and wants to implant doubt in the Human mind against the light of God! Satan IS a LIAR!

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