Revisionist (Church) History of the Far Left

Yale-educated University of Notre Dame professor of New Testament and early Christianity, Candida Moss has released a video promoting her new book, “The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom.”

In the video, Moss discounts the accounts of early Christian martyrdom:

Contrary to traditional Church teaching, and popular belief, Christians were not systematically tortured and killed by the Romans merely because they refused to deny Christ.

Rather, these stories were exaggerated, revised, and forged, often centuries later, and the history of the Church was reshaped in order to combat heresy, to inspire and educate the faithful, and to fund Churches.

She describes the goals of her book as “getting the history right,” and to “expose the dangerous legacy that these misunderstandings about Christian martyrdom have had for us today.”

Text and video

Editor’s note: This professor is obviously a weak-minded follower of Joseph Campbell. Chalk up one more scandal for Notre Dame!


  1. Where did she get her Research material from?…..The PIt of Hell?
    Good representation from “America’s University!”
    Ever since they let Barack Husein Obama, speak at ND Commencement…..I have been terribly disappointed at their judgement!

    • Another historical revisionist out to make a buck and fund her retirement. AND isn’t the secular media going to just eat this up!!! Surely it will justify their lack of coverage of current and future persecutions. “Oh those Christians and their silly fish tales about persecutions ..and resurrections” wink wink. >< How sad to be so dull of hearing. I wonder if she's been introduced to the Jesus seminar. They might make good bedfellows.

      • Ms. Moss would be a perfect scholar,on “Color Coding” the words of Jesus Christ, for the Jesus Seminar! Get that literature out for a Buck and Notoriety! God Bless her Soul!

      • 1Corinthians 1:21….Smarty Scholars!

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