Engel: The Homosexual Collective recruits like the Army. Individual homosexuals proselytize and seduce new recruits.

For the homosexual, every male is a potential homosexual, either overt, latent, or suppressed.

In the words of psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Nigro, “homosexuals colonize and recruit as if by ‘binary fission’ both in and out of the workplace to produce a state of ‘homotoxicity.'” At the collective level, he says, “Homosexuals infiltrate and metastasize, taking over any and every group possible by a compounding of their cognitive defects.”


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  1. I was in High school in the 70’s, and could count the homosexual’s on one hand! Maybe there were more of the defective personality types around, but they were undercover (Closet Homos!)
    It was a better time in history! I ran into one of these old Gay classmates, at a Haircutting Salon, and the memories flooded in my memory! Tony was a nice guy with a lisp and colored hair, he was a very friendly and talkative male. He was the Exception….now it is everywhere and looked on to as Acceptable…PC CULTURE GONE WILD!!!


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