What happens when an intelligent lay person debates global warming scientists?

The Einstein defender (Dr. M) set me straight on a minor technical issue that was not really germane to the central questions at stake. The global warming defender (Dr. G) was a clearer thinker than Dr. M., albeit more hostile and obnoxious. Dr. G set me straight on two points that are worthy of telling our readers about. However, he brushed aside a couple of major issues that effectively neutralized the impact of his points.

What I did not expect was that both of the scientists made great blunders, which opened opportunities for me to explain the central fallacies of their case. This was fun for me, but not for them. Neither scientist was grateful to have his mistaken assumptions and errors of logic and theory pointed out. I learned and grew from the experience. They both went away in angry denial with parting insults, having learned nothing. Scientific debate during this era of institutional monopolies on scientific models is not what it is cracked up to be.

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  1. Many years ago, two meterologists (i.e. scientists) conducted a seminar in Cleveland on “global warming” for a general audience–the kind of people who get their weather reports on TV.

    At one point in the presentation, one of the meteorologists stated that he did not know which was the more foolish notion: to claim that mankind causes global warming or to claim that mankind can do anything about it.

  2. Global Warming is hyped, man-made BS, to get the UN to implement more Equality throughout the World! They can take their NWO Carbon Footprints straight to Hades(where it is REALLY WARM:)
    Another Nation Heard From!!!

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