New Bulletin Insert on Marriage from Illinois Family Institute


before legalization of same-sex marriage and
MAY  WE  B E  T H AT  O B S TA C L E !

“… a time to be silent and a time to speak, …” Ecclesiastes 3:7

Now is the time to speak in defense of the God-ordained institution
of natural marriage and family. Don’t delay any longer!
Call your state representative or, better yet,
drop by his/her district office and tell the secretary that you oppose
same-sex marriage and are urging the representative to oppose it.

MARRIAGE is a sexual complementary union of body & soul of one man
and one woman that is inherently designed for procreation which results in
distinctive norms of family life, monogamy, exclusivity, permanence.

CHILDREN, in some cases, will be deliberately deprived of the opportunity
to be raised by a mother and father. Research shows a child develops best
with one mother and one father. Children should be of paramount
importance in considering public policy.

SCHOOLS will be mandated to teach homosexuality as normal behavior,
which many parents believe is unnatural, unhealthy, and/or immoral.

PARENTS have the right and responsibility to teach sexual conduct to their
children. David Parker, a father of a Massachusetts’ kindergartner, was
jailed overnight because he insisted his child be removed from class
during discussions about homosexuality. Massachusetts courts ruled
that because SSM is legal, schools have no obligation to notify parents.

BUSINESSES will be under further legal obligation to comply
or face lawsuits.

An Illinois bed & breakfast was sued because they refused
to accommodate a civil union ceremony in 2011.

Catholic Charities (of Illinois ) dropped their adoption care services
rather than place children in homosexual households.

SOCIAL AND CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS will be forced to accommodate
same-sex couples. County clerks, and justices-of-the-peace
will be obligated to issue marriage licenses or face the loss of their job.
On May 30, 2012, the ACLU and Lambda Legal filed lawsuits
against the Cook County Clerk, suing him for
not issuing gay “marriage” licenses to homosexual couples.

Sign up to receive E-Alerts on this issue,
for more information, or to find your state representative,
go to or call 708-781-9328.

Church Bulletin Insert (PDF)

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  1. In total Agreement…we must defend Our Biblical Values and Follow Christ….this is UNIVERSAL!

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