New Pope is sensitive to Jewish concerns.

Under his leadership in Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio made important strides in maintaining positive Catholic-Jewish relations following the transformational papacies of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI – pontiffs who launched historic reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people.

Cardinal Bergoglio maintained a close relationship with the Jewish community in Argentina.  He has celebrated various Jewish holidays with the Argentinian Jewish community, including Chanukah where he lit a candle on the menorah, attended a Buenos Aires synagogue for Slichot, a pre-Rosh Hashana service, the Jewish New Year, as well as a commemoration of Kristallnacht, the wave of violent Nazi attacks against Jews before World War II.

In 2010, during a commemoration of the 1994 bombing, Cardinal Bergoglio called it “a house of solidarity” and added “God bless them and help them accomplish their work,” which showed his dedication and support in standing up against extremism.

In 2010, he together with Argentinian Rabbi Abraham Skorka, published the book “On Heaven and Earth” addressing issues of interfaith dialogue.


Editor’s note: Now perhaps Pope Francis can spend some time reconciling Catholic Traditionalists.

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  1. Let’s see: As a prelate in Argentina, (now) Francis I was sensitive to Jewish concerns, and consorted freely with them and with protestants: even bowing for a “blessing” from one of the latters’ ministers. Clearly, he was not the least bit inclined to persecute Jews or “Christian” heretics in his native land.

    Now that he is the Supreme Pontiff, let’s see if he continues the persecution begun and continued, in varying degrees, by three of his four immediate predecessors. I speak of the persecution of his fellow Catholics who honor and observe tradition, Tradition and the Magisterium promulgated by popes for many centuries before the catastrophe aka Vatican II.

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