Follow the Magisterium and authentically practice the faith, trusting that two millennia of Church history and teaching are far superior to what we may come up with on our own.


In our secular culture, it’s easy to gain approval by criticizing the Church. Perhaps today’s true Catholic rebels stand out by embracing Church teaching and following the pope’s leadership.

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  1. Ah, but which Magisterium? The perpetual Magisterium, established over more than 19 centuries prior to the catastrophe aka Vatican II, or the confusing, contradictory and specious “hermeneutic of continuity” that has followed as the latest fig leaf to cover the council’s abundant error and discontinuity?

    • Mark,
      You are so passionate about the diminution of the RCC post Vat II……How do attend Mass?…..Do you accept it’s validity?….Do you belong to a Catholic sect approved or non-approved?
      I have relatives that go to Latin Mass since 1962 or 65??? They refuse to attend the New Mass! They will not speak on the subject…very hush hush! According to my cousin, their Latin Mass is approved by the Vatican!

      • Cathy, I would like to reply to your specific questions, but not on a public internet forum. However, I hereby publicly give Doug permission to communicate to you, off-post, my email address that is on record for this blog. If he does so, kindly re-send your message above to me off-post, and I will reply in-kind.

      • Thank You,

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