Let’s see how the Vatican handles this one.

“Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi should certainly not receive Communion, either at the papal installation or anywhere else. Communion means ‘union,’ and they are not in union with the Church on the most fundamental moral issue of the right to life,” said the Rev. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, a U.S.-based Catholic anti-abortion organization. “Should they receive at this ceremony, there will be a public uproar, and rightly so.”



  1. This is the same Fr. Frank Pavone who proclaimed–at the 2004 Republican National convention–that he was a “proud” supporter for the reelection of George W. Bush. This is the same GWB who lied the US into attacking Iraq utterly without provocation and caused the deaths of at least 100k innocent Iraqis, along with thousands of US troops who had no business being in Iraq to begin with.

    Like a stopped clock twice a day, Pavone is correct here. That is the most credit I can give him. Or, let me put it this way: I damn him with my faint “praise.”

    • Dear Mark,

      Father Frank is a good, practical, 100% pro-life priest. But he’s not perfect. As for George Bush … he was one of the few politicians, from both parties, who didn’t leave town during the annual DC March for Life. How’s that for “faint praise”?


      • “How’s that for ‘faint praise’?”

        I could offer none better. Except to second the “practical” appellation that you have given to Pavone. Except that “practical” and “100%” rarely, if ever, are congruent.

  2. There will Be NO “Public Uproar”, complacency will rule the day!
    Only the lion will be ” roaring “, roaming about, trying to kill, steal, and destroy!

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