Top Ten Reasons Why Obama is Not Satan


Courtesy of The American Catholic

The Internet is abuzz with the fact that Satan on the History Channel’s The Bible miniseries, which has gotten great ratings, looks a tad like Obama if Michele gets him to go on a veggies only diet.  I really don’t see much resemblance but it does give us a good excuse to look at the top ten reasons why Obama is not Satan:

1.  Hell has never run a deficit.

2.  Satan, whatever his other manifest evils, has never voted present.

3.  Satan resides in Hell and Obama resides in Chicago.  (A small difference I concede.).

4.  Satan is the prince of liars, while Obama is at most an archduke of liars.

5.  Satan to my knowledge has never eaten dog.

6.  Satan has never used a teleprompter as far as I know.

7.  The people of the United States have never elected Satan as President, although if God were running as a Republican and Satan as a Democrat in Cook County, I would not like God’s chances.

8.  Satan has never attempted to have the Catholic Church pay for birth control.

9.  Satan gets almost as bad press in the Mainstream Media as the Republican party.

10.Satan does not have a second in command as dimwitted as Biden.


  1. #11. Satan is very adept at his job.

    • Ha Ha Ha HeHe He !!!!!

  2. Doug, you should trademark your “Ten Top Reasons Why Obama Is Not Satan” and also include MH’s # 11!

    Tonight on the O’Reilly Factor, he started his program with the History Channel purposely making Obama as a black Satan! The Christians in Hollywood(scarce) think it’s true. The producers (husband & wife) are BIG contributors to Obama! Looks like a make-up artist hoax! The Morocan actor looks nothing like “O!”

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