Is it time for a ban on Assault Writers?

An opinion piece/rant carried by Yahoo as a news item illustrates the danger of a class of unregulated journalists we term “Assault Writers”.

It doesn’t get much worse than this! 


  1. “opinion piece/rant carried by Yahoo as a news item”

    Yes, it is on a page that says “News” at the top. There is no subhead to identify the piece specifically as opinion. However, the writer’s creds at the end specifically identify her as an opinionator, not a reporter. Any reader who would think this column was a news article would be too stupid to know the difference in any case (not that any “news” article can be unbiased, anyway). Therefore, I cannot quite agree with the characterization quoted at the top of this post.

    This weak defense(?) does nothing to vindicate the sheer idiocy of Cynthia Tucker. Once again, a Pulitzer panel has set a very low bar: a lot like the Nobel panels do when handing out “peace” prizes.

    • I beg your pardon, Mr. Higdon! Are you referring to the “Greatest Nobel Peace Prize Winner”, of all times? President Obama???His plethora of accomplishments is staggering!

      • Oh, please call me “Mark,” Cathy. But you can call the president anything you want.

      • Mark,
        I PLAN 2! BHO is a curse, not being very PC for my Lefty Brothers:)
        I don’t compromise in Morality!

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