Small miracle: The light of day finally shines on unspeakable crimes.

The Joliet Diocese readily admitted that David Rudofski was sexually abused during his first confession at St. Mary Catholic Church in Mokena. It offered him an in-person apology from the bishop and more than six times his annual salary in the hope of putting a quick, quiet end to yet another ugly incident involving a priest.

But Rudofski wanted more than money.

The south suburban electrician wanted the diocese to truly pay for its repeated and, oftentimes, willful mishandling of sexual abuse cases involving clergy — and he insisted on a currency far more precious to the church than money. He demanded that the diocese settle its debt by turning over the secret archives it maintained on abusive priests and making them available for public consumption.



  1. Such perversion and corruption indeed calls for exposure to the harsh light of day. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the same kind of media attention to the institution of government education, whose perversion and corruption are more than a match–both in percentages and in actual numbers–for the worst that Catholic clergy ever dished out.

    And waiting.

    And still waiting.

  2. Well of course, ALL justice will be revealed, when it comes to the Church. Honing in on Perversion of Catholic Priests is more enticing to the population then governmental Scandals and injustices. Bottem Line—We are a Secular Progressive society and No Love for Religious Institutions!

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