There are a handful of Americans for whom the protections of political correctness or common decency still don’t apply: fat people, smokers, and Catholics.

In 21st Century America, it’s perfectly acceptable to relentlessly mock all three groups without fear of being labeled a bigot. This cultural double standard was on its fullest, most egregious display during the media’s coverage of the Papal Conclave.

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  1. “The media reminds us that Islam is a peaceful religion, but for some reason, Catholics aren’t given the same benefit of the doubt.”

    That could be because an appalling percentage of Catholics are firmly on board with the US warfare state. Worship of God is not the only worship taking place in all too many Catholic parishes. There is far too much adoration of the military, too, as when we pray for their “safety,” while invoking little or no Divine protection for people in faraway lands who are in US gunsights and in the bombsights of US drones. Indeed, if the locals dare to attack the American invaders and occupiers, they are automatically dubbed terrorists. Fact is, thousands of foreign victims of US aggression in their own lands have not even had to lift a finger in opposition in order to earn a target on their backs and subsequent vaporization.

    I, for one, never hear a peep of disapproval from the pulpit toward any of this. Instead, it’s pretty much all about abortion, all the time. Sorry, but there’s way more to being pro-life than opposing just the latter.

    I cringe every time I seen the stars and stripes hanging from the choir loft in my parish church. Neither that flag nor any national secular flag belongs in that otherwise holy space.

    Let’s get serious about separation of Church and state by removing the latter’s banners from the former’s buildings and properties.

    • I have never seen any “National symbols” at my Church, In fact, nothing political is ever mentioned, truly a Separation of Church & State!” No mention of soldiers/ To Live by the Sword, is to Die by the Sword…but Paul exempts this … In Romans with Authority, in following our leaders ex: soldiers.

      It must be so un-PC to be a fat Catholic, smoker? I used to know a lot of them, in connection to my Fathers company:)

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