Holy water: “Industrial-strength spiritual Lysol.”

Part of an interview with a former Satanist:

CWR: How would you advise the faithful to keep the devil out of their lives?

Deborah: First of all, in this life he’s always going to be in your life and close by. So, you have to protect yourself by going to Mass and receiving the Eucharist. It’s powerful protection. Holy water is extremely effective. I call it “industrial-strength spiritual Lysol.” I keep it in my home and regularly bless myself.

The sacrament of confession is important. One of the fastest ways for the demon to enter our lives is through unconfessed sin. I freely tell people, Catholic or not, that the Catholic Church is the only church that has the tools to deal effectively with the demonic. That includes devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Also, be careful about your hobbies and entertainment. The drinking, partying, carousing lifestyle can create an opening for the devil to come in; I also recommend people avoid slasher movies.

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  1. I can’t believe, that LAST night I was watching a ex-Satanist being interviewed on YouTube….really kind of creepy! I was disgusted in myself watching the 20 minute interview…”What was I thinking?”
    Avoiding certain activities, as listed on the above interview denies access by demonic spirits…very true! I allowed my children to read Harry Potter books, years ago which PROMOTED WITCHCRAFT!
    The Catholic Church reversed it’s position on this…first against and then for!
    Well anyway, I found the exSatanist became a Seventh Day Adventist, because he said this was the Religious denomination Satan feared the most! I can understand WHY:)
    I would’t trust anyone associated with Darkness!

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