Seen on the web re: Divine Providence


Posted by Mary De Voe on Saturday, Mar 30, 2013 9:52 AM (EDT): 

When we cast our cares upon the Lord, He leads us to safety. It is called Divine Providence. When the atheist can prove that he makes the rain fall, the snow fall, the seed germinate and the crops grow, than he can be taken at face value, otherwise the atheist is a usurper.


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  1. What a bunch of “crackpot Psychologist!”
    It is NEVER wrong to be Too Religious…. And better young than never. The bottom line……Do You Believe in Christ and Everlasting Life? If not, just keep on Condemning the Religious and keep on the “Wide Path” and enjoy your selfish secular existence! See Matthew 7:14
    There IS NO Cherry Picn here, You either have Faith in Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, Or Not (Secular Atheism), the choice is yours: HEAVEN or HELL!
    Just, the thought considering Religion in children, a Mental Disorder, shows how close we are to THE END!

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