Coming soon to a school near you: Students try to banish Catholic priest from campus for telling the truth about homosexuality.

Two gay seniors at George Washington University say they feel alienated because the chaplain at George Washington’s Newman Center rejects homosexuality, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

The seniors, Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, have announced a coordinated campaign to rid the campus of the Roman Catholic priest, reports The GW Hatchet, the school’s independent student newspaper.

They also assert that 12 or more students have quit the Newman Center in recent years because they can’t tolerate Father Greg Shaffer’s ardent anti-gay and, for the record, anti-abortion — beliefs.

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Editor’s note: All that money spent on college tuition and these two allegedly Catholic students are unable/unwilling to read and/or understand the Catechism. Maybe Cardinal Dolan can find a way to accommodate them?

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  1. Soooo…let me see if I have this “straight.” These two students–Blake and Bergen–apparently think that the priest should tolerate homosexuals and homosexuality. Because he does not, “they can’t tolerate Father Greg Shaffer’s ardent anti-gay and, for the record, anti-abortion beliefs” (emphasis added).

    Thus, they find the priest’s intolerance intolerable. Would it be fair if he refused to tolerate their intolerance of his intolerance and, because of that, demanded their expulsion from GW?

    Later on, the article states that “(t)he two gay seniors are also unhappy about a blog post Shaffer authored back in May 2012 (emphasis added to call attention to the unintended joke in there).

    If the stakes here–salvation or damnation–were not so high, this whole thing would just be absolutely ludicrous!

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