More proof that women priests in the Catholic Church would not improve things, in the least.


It was sad to read the public comments of the Episcopal Bishop of Washington (Ms. Budde) denying the importance, or need for the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the dead,  going so far as to imply this teaching was “outlandish. ”


Editor’s note: Be sure to see the reader comments.


  1. An article about a female Episcopalian “bishop,” followed by scores of comments? Sorry. Right off the bat, this one falls clearly into the category of “not to be taken seriously.” Which instant analysis saves me a lot of time.

  2. 1Timothy 2:12-13. Women are directed not to teach by being silent!
    After reading the Episcopal Female Priest comments, Paul was right!

    • “…not to teach by being silent…”

      I used to teach. Sometimes I could teach more by being silent than by trying to make myself heard above the din. Just sayin’.

  3. What is going wrong with the Episcopalian Church?(other being a separated brethren:)
    They have got the first openly gay Bishop and Female Bishops!
    Totally against New Testament Doctrines set by Paul!
    As for the dear bishops commentary, she rebukes the Gospel Message—-The Power of God unto Salvation….dismissing the Resurrection! She should lose her License To Teach and Keep her Mouth SHUT!!!

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