See what might happen if liberalism and ecumenism are allowed to proceed unchecked.


Mr. Hugh Moore, Executive Director of the St. Laphatdis Foundation ( in Chicago announced today at a press conference the discovery of a previously unreleased version of Nostra Aetate, the Vatican II document on inter-faith relations.

The document outlines efforts by the council to reach some level of ecumenical understanding with the Church of Satan.

In Germany, an ecumenical Cardinal who prefered to go unnamed gave ghostly praise to the new document, calling it “a breakthrough in the Catholic Church’s journey toward fully reconciling herself with the many gifts that those who reject Christ bring to our cultural heritage.”

Declaration on the relation of the Church to Satan

Editor’s note: This article is a parody. Nothing like this ever happened … yet!


  1. Well, the meeting in Assisi Italy, that John Paul II conducted on Interfaith Ecumenism ….invited Satanist ! That is NOT a Parody,
    I am afraid it is reality! I remember the year 2000…could be wrong!
    All the False Religions came and bowed before the Pope!

    • The referenced document was fictional. At Assisi Pope JPII prayed along with the leaders of the various false religions. Oct. 27, 1986. During this meeting, the Dalai Lama placed a Buddhist statue on the tabernacle in the Church of St. Francis.


      • Doug,
        The video is on YouTube. Sure they All prayed together….believing we ALL worship the same God!….We Don’t!
        See 1 John 2:22
        This is A……I won’t finish, but You know!

  2. “…if liberalism and ecumenism are allowed to proceed unchecked.”

    The headline’s premise is impossible ab ovo, unless God chooses to permit it. That, as we know, is impossible. Otherwise, our whole Catholic belief system would be delusional. Which, as we know, is not the case.

    Thus, why read the linked article at all? It would merely disturb the inner peace of anyone who knows better. As such, I refrain from doing so and, in so refraining, save some of the good time that God has given me. Of which I will spend no more commenting here.

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