In spite of his suffering, Roger Ebert reportedly claimed to be unable to believe in God.

Ebert said of his faith, “I consider myself Catholic, lock, stock and barrel, with this technical loophole: I cannot believe in God.” Despite his Catholic upbringing, Ebert said he has long struggled with God’s existence.

In a April 2009 blog, Ebert noted that though his wife’s faith was strong, he has found that over time “the reality of God was no longer present in my mind.”



  1. Roger Ebert turned out to be a Secular Humanist! So sad, to leave your life, not Believing in God….which leads to NO Everlasting Life!
    So, it doesn’t matter if he was ever a Catholic, he has No Eternal Life! God’s Grace and Mercy will not be there, for those that do not believe in Christ! He could have had TRUE peace, with his Cancer fight!

    • Although no one can know his eternal destiny, we as fellow Christians should pray for his, and all fallen away catholic’s, and everyone’s salvation. We can never know if at the last minute there was a gift of conversion… we must pray, it is our job to pray that there was. We can not know where his mind was in the final moments. Only God knows.

      • Zellie,
        We can ONLY pray, he changed his mind, and the Reality of Death unto Life occurred to him!
        Yes, only God knows for sure, and I hope he had a change of heart…because God doesN’t want ANYONE to Perish!

      • πŸ™‚

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