Catechist: VIRTUS training, something born out of the sins of a few priests and the bishops who sheltered them, has become a millstone around the neck of the laity.

Was there a single person in that room that was unclear about the horrific nature of the acts committed by a specific set of priests and the bishops who covered up for them?  Why were we, the laity, being required to watch what was quickly boiling down to an indoctrination film as a solution to crimes that were not ours?

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  1. At the parish where I work (as a music staffer), I was required some years ago to attend VIRTUS. I hated it, and felt insulted and offended by it and for having to sit through it. By the time it was over, my tongue was quite sore from the number of times I had to bite it in order to stifle any articulation of my contempt. My prime directive was keeping my job.

    I thank the American Catholic bishops–these pages have often revealed how much I admire and respect them as a group–for their “pastoral” mandate.

    BS!! It is not “about the children” at all. It’s all about the potential liability exposure and insurance coverage for it.

    Here endeth the rant.

    • Check the line item cost for “insurance expense” at any Catholic parish and you’re likely to find the cost will be thirty to forty percent higher than for similar organizations, elsewhere. It’s just another hidden “tax” parishioners pay for out of their regular weekly offerings. The official name of our local VIRTUS abuse prevention program is “Protecting God’s Children” but it’s more widely (and accurately) known as “Protecting God’s Bishops”.


      • Yeah, ours was PGC, too. And I, too, renamed it at the time, although my version was probably R-rated.

  2. I am stunned….had no idea what this VIRTUS training was about!
    This not a matter of Complience, This is FORCED to keep Jobs !
    I have a better plan…place the education in the Seminary’s, and root out the Sexual Deviants!
    Cover-Up is always worse than the crime…it keeps the crime in Perpetual Motion…never to forget!
    How could any person with Spiritual Authority hurt a child?

    • PGC is like legislated gun “control” in so many ways. Think about it.

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