Indiana man gives his local Planned Parenthood location “the ax”.

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Police on Thursday arrested a man who said he opposed abortion and charged him with breaking into an Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic and causing extensive damage with an ax.

Benjamin Curell, 27, of Ellettsville was charged with felony burglary and criminal mischief. Police said they found Curell at about 3:50 a.m. inside the building after he allegedly damaged equipment with an ax and splashed red paint.


Editor’s note: It sounds to me like Ben might have just been trying to help them redecorate. Those places are known for being kind of dreary looking and out of date. The red paint was certainly a thoughtful touch, since it would tend to cover up/hide most of the actual blood spatter. And while there is no justification for breaking the law … if that’s what actually happened … it’s hard to feel too badly about somebody’s office and equipment getting chopped up, when it’s their gruesome business to routinely kill and chop-up real live babies.


  1. Benji Curell took an ax
    Gave PP some forty whacks.
    When they saw what he had done
    It went and ruined all their fun!

  2. Maybe he was related to Lizzie Bordan! I hope they give him a Light Sentence, for his crime was of the Light!

  3. Is he in jail can a fund be started to support him in lieu of legal funding etc

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