Pope Francis: “The sacred Scriptures are a written testimony to (Jesus Christ) the divine Word, which came before the Bible and exceeds it.”


“The texts inspired by God were entrusted to the community of believers, the church of Christ, to increase the faith and guide the life of charity,” he said. It is only with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and with full respect for the tradition and teaching of the church that the Scriptures’ true meaning can be understood.



  1. John 5:39,,,Search the Scriptures, to know Eternal Life, truly the “Inspired Word of God!” So thankful the Word was protected, all theses years by Mother Church!

  2. Is this an “ecumenical” shout-out to the sola scriptura crowd, aka our “separated brethren” (or whatever is the current ecumenically-correct term)? Note the use of “community of believers” and “the church (sic: lower-case, emphasis added) of Christ.” Well, at least “Christ” is capitalized.

    I’m all in favor of Catholics becoming intimate with Sacred Scripture. I just want to see it happen in the proper context. So why is “tradition (sic)” not capitalized? To have done so would have reinforced a distinction that truly makes a difference.

    • But notice the words “and exceeds it”. The reference to “tradition” is also important, since most Protestant groups valiantly attempt to deny tradition, in spite of the fact that their own beliefs are based on it … their own particular version, of course … much of it made up … and definitely not scriptural.


      • Doug, I respect your apparently default orientation of defending Pope Francis’s initiatives and proclamations. My default–given the history of the past 50+ years–is to instantly question anything and everything that emanates from “the Vatican” and/or its current head. I will not apologize or feel obliged to explain my reflexes. Anyone–including you–having the least familiarity with my roots and bent will understand. I will merely reiterate that my reflexes are based in consistent and bitter experiences and expectations.

        Bottom line (for now): Pope Francis has–pre- and post-election–demonstrated himself to be a hard-and-fast adherent to the outcomes of the titanic disaster aka “Vatican II.” To the bitter disappointment to me and so many others who prayed for a different result from the most recent conclave.

      • Even the liberal, radical theologian Cdl. Ratzinger actually put out some fairly conservative, traditional catechesis, once he became pope, so there’s still hope.


      • Ratzinger, to the “end” of his papacy, was a man of V-II through and through. His “conservative” initiatives were inconsistent with the core of his administration. Whatever his intentions in launching them (sincerity? sops?), they were, in the aggregate, insufficient, unclear and, in some cases, compromised and/or contradicted by other, non-conservative initiatives.

        How could he live with all the chaos that his papacy emanated? No wonder he resigned!

    • The WORST thing that ever came about to the RCC was ECT!
      What is the Ultimate goal: to bring back the Separated Brethren into the Catholic Fold?
      Since Reformation, with Ignatius Loyola, starting the Jesuit Order, to fight Protestantism….How much has been gained?
      Seriously, Pope Francis is a Jesuit….Is he trying to lure these Evangelicals in by being SO Ecumenical with his verbiage!
      Basically our Faith comes from Tradition(capital T), Scripture, and Majesterium….NOT Scripture Alone! So what’s the point…How can you change the Theology, to bring ALLtogether???

  3. I have been reading Joseph Ratzinger, is living his last days, his health is failing quickly! Perhaps he is dealing with all his controversial, failed policies. Any person that takes command, such as a President ages, and their health is compromised by stress. This can be their own doing mixed with Aging.,Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to see ant one suffering, particularly Our Pope!

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