Locusts and Luther – Oh My!

luther-wittenbergChapter 9 of the Apocalypse opens with Saint John’s terrifying vision:

“And the fifth Angel sounded the trumpet; and I saw a star fall from Heaven upon the earth, and to him was given the key to the bottomless pit.

“And he opened the bottomless pit: and the smoke of the pit ascended as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun was darkened, and the air with the smoke of the pit:

“And from the smoke of the pit, there came out locusts upon the earth, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.” (Apoc: 9:1-3)

Devout Catholic Scriptural commentators for the past 500 years have seen in this vision a prediction of Luther and his Protestant Revolt.

Father Herman Bernard Kramer, in The Book of Destiny, explains, “Luther did truly open the pit and let loose against the Church all the fury of hell. Therefore modern interpreters almost universally see in this fallen star, Luther.”[1] Father Kramer references the eminent Scriptural commentator, Cornelius a Lapide as making this point.[2]

“The whole description of the locusts”, Father Kramer explains, “fits down to the last detail the kings and princes who established by force the heresy of the 16th Century.” He continues:

“When Luther propounded his heretical and immoral doctrine, the sky became as it were obscured by smoke. It spread very rapidly over some regions of the earth, and it brought forth princes and kings who were eager to despoil the Church of her possessions. They compelled the people of their domains and in the territories robbed from the Church to accept the doctrines of Luther. The proponents of Protestantism made false translations of the Bible and misled the people into their errors by apparently proving from the ‘Bible’ (their own translations) the correctness of their doctrines. It was all deceit, lying and hypocrisy. Bad and weak, lax and lukewarm, indifferent and non-practicing Catholics and those who had neglected to get thorough instruction were thus misled; and these, seeing the Catholic Church now through this smoke of error from the abyss and beholding a distorted caricature of the true Church, began both to fear and hate her.”[3]

As for Luther, he did “everything to instill hatred of the [Catholic] Church into the hearts of his followers.”

“Celebrating” the Fifth Centenary of the Protestant Revolt


  1. Glad you picked this up and posted it, Doug. Are you on John V.’s email list, too?

    This post and others at

    are disturbing and, potentially, faith-shaking. But they contain much “inconvenient truth” that cannot be denied, and must not be dismissed.

    Thus far in the papacy of Francis, I see no sign of the Ship of the Church righting her course. Indeed, I see much evidence of the new pontiff’s steering even harder back in the direction of more and greater disaster.

    How long will the Holy Spirit permit this to continue?

  2. Luther’s Locust does not equal the Locust in Revelation! These Theologians mislead by stating this! It is Symbolic writing for the Wrath of God at His return in the Second Coming! To compare this to Heresy of one apostate Priest is wrong….You might as well blame John Huss! This is Definitely, an End Time Event of Condemnation!
    Bizarre Comparison, when you read the text!

    • You may be right. There’s lots of bizarre stuff in the Book of Revelation. We also have to allow for the possibility of multiple fulfillments over long periods of time. And … why not blame John Huss?


  3. In Matthew 5:17-19… Jesus fulfilled the Law of the OT and Prophets. His beloved Apostle John, in Revelation, tells us everything Jesus told him in his Great Vision, and this was years after his Ascension, to the right hand side of the Father. Jesus commanded the content of this book needed to be read, by all the churches. There are 21 judgements( 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 vials/ bowls) that WILL br cast out to earth!

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